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Elon Musk sacked Twitter staff in Ghana

Social media company Twitter has laid off many Ghanaian employees, according to multiple social media posts by former employees. Three days after work resume, Twitter employees woke up to find that they had been logged out of their work emails, and could not turn on their work laptops or access their work tools.
Prior to the layoff, Elon Musk is set to cut about 3,700 jobs at Twitter, representing about half of the company’s staff, according to Bloomberg News. Musk said twitter’s workforce was too large. Employees started to receive notice Friday of whether they would lose their jobs, with some people tweeting about their status using the hashtag #OneTeam.

Twitter Africa Office: Although Twitter announced the establishment of its Africa Office in Ghana last year, most of its African employees worked from their respective homes and countries over a year. Earlier this week, they all resumed for the first time at the Ghana Office. A Senior Partner Manager at Twitter Ghana and Nigeria announced this on Twitter. He said: “A year ago Twitter entered Africa via Ghana. Today we officially opened Twitter’s Africa HQ in Accra, and for the first time, all Tweeps in the region left their home desks and convened to work as #OneTeam. Worth celebrating amidst all the back-to-back news headlines.”
To defend the layoff, Musk said in a tweet that the reduction in the workforce is as result of the company losing $4M/day. He also indicated that employees received three month payment from the company.

Where sacked employees in US and UK are suing for the layoff, Twitter Africa Office staff can not help themselves.

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